Exercise reduces the pain from periods

Period pains or the menstrual cramps are the most common complaint in menstruating women of all ages. Studies show 60-70% of women complain of cramps and 13-33% of women suffer from severe cramps. These symptoms can be so severe and disruptive that 24-34% of women fail to report for work or school.

The main treatment for menstrual cramps are NSAIDS and birth control pills. However many women prefer more natural options to medication. Studies have shown moderate to high intensity exercises reduce production of prostaglandins and pain associated with menstruation.

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In my offices we are able to rule out conditions that cause severe menstrual cramps and bleeding, such as fibroids, ovarian cysts, endometriosis, adenomyosis, and hormonal changes through special ultrasound examinations. The ultrasound evaluations are designed to examine the uterus and the ovaries as well as the endometrial lining for evidence of disease process that can be corrected.

In case of idiopathic or severe menstrual bleeding and cramps that have no identifiable etiology, we design a treatment program that involves the use of exercise, and herbal based supplements to reduce pain and bleeding and eliminate the need for NSAIDS and birth control pills in many cases.