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Adenomyosis Treatment Specialist in Los Angeles

Adenomyosis is a common medical condition where the glands from the lining of the uterus grow into the muscle of the uterus. Once penetrated the uterine muscle glands bleed as they would during the menstrual cycle and cause the uterus to appear on ultrasound and MRI as spongy and boggy. The blood inside the muscle causes pain, heavy menstruation and at times infertility. Adenomyosis also causes the uterus to become sensitive and result in pain during intercourse, feeling of heaviness and fullness in the lower abdomen. This condition often is confused with fibroid uterus. Fibroid tumors and adenomyosis can be present together at the same time.

Diagnosis can generally be made by an ultrasound examination in the office, along with a detailed history and physical exam. MRI can be helpful in some situations.

Treatment options are usually medical but many outpatient surgical treatment options are also available to control the heavy bleeding and pain.

Dr. Tahery is a specialist in ultrasound evaluation of adenomyosis and has devised treatment plans that have been very successful in relieving its debilitating symptoms.