Rectocele occurs when the fibrous tissue that makes up the posterior wall of the vagina tears or is damaged resulting in a herniation of the rectum into the vagina. This defect is also called a posterior defect and usually results as a consequence of childbirth and forces that tear the support structures of the vagina during delivery of the baby, with chronic constipation or cough, heavy lifting, and obesity.

The appearance of a rectocele is of a bulge with straining or on standing up. Also may feel like an obstruction during penetration with intercourse.

Women suffering from prolapse may complain of vaginal laxity or looseness during intercourse. Sometimes even the sensation of air escaping the vagina may be present. Complaints regarding difficulty emptying the bowel are common.

Repair of a rectocele may be through hormonal therapy, therapy, or minimally invasive, and outpatient surgery. The results of treatment are very successful and patient satisfaction usually is very high. Dr. Tahery has developed his own technique of repair without using mesh and using the patient’s own tissue with great success.