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Improve Your Health with Unique Weight Management Clinic

We all know how good it feels waking up in the morning feeling light and full of energy. Our body and mind feel fresh and rested. Our abdomen feels flat and our energy level is at the highest level. We look good, we feel good and ready to kick it into high gear.

We also want to live as long as we can, “healthy”. We want to reach the old age minimizing our risk of health problems that come with age, such as arthritis, diabetes, hypertension, heart diseases, and of course dreaded cancer.

What can be done? How can we achieve all this?

We know that our diet is killing us and is the major correctable culprit behind the negative changes in our bodies. Our diet affects us emotionally, physically, and mentally. It, directly and indirectly, alters our perception of ourselves, and others of us. It affects our energy level, focus, and health.

There has been tremendous research in weight loss. We know that “a diet program has to be individualized, based on a patient’s body type, hormonal environment, and metabolism, to reach the ideal body weight.

Diet programs also cannot be artificial or arbitrary and have to fit a person’s lifestyle, and dietary and cultural preferences and restrictions in order to be effective.

We have designed our weight loss program to cater to each individual patient with close medical follow up and attention. Our program is based on years of personal experience in treating patient’s resistant to weight loss programs and tried yo-yo diets unsuccessfully. It is a diet that is medically healthy and effective. Call us for a consultation and bring with you the “will” to get back your body.

“We will help you restore health and confidence in your body.”

Medical Body Composition Analysis

medical body composition analysis

Understanding Body Composition

Body Composition Analysis … not just an MBI machine. When you step on a scale and see a change in your weight, what really has changed? Have you gained or lost muscle, or fat, or are you just bloated or dehydrated? Do you know what your resting calorie intake and your daily calorie intake should be? Are you eating more or less than you should reach your optimal health?

The reason why most diets fail is lack of adequate information about what is changing in your body and whether the change you have made in your diet or activity level has helped you.

Body composition analysis will guide your healthy weight loss by identifying and tracking your body’s fat/muscle and fluid content.

Having a body composition analysis will be the first in your journey to ideal weight. It will be a guide to help you feel and look healthier.

Take a deeper look from the inside out

Why Should you get a Body Composition Analysis?

Analyze your weight by measuring your body composition

Monitor your fat mass, lean muscle mass and total body water

Identify early indicators of various diseases 

Set your goals 

Track your progress towards your goals during your journey 

Body Composition Analysis will provide you with a breakdown and distribution of your body fat content, muscle content, body fluid, abdominal fat, and a measure of your general. It will also provide you with baseline caloric intake guide to help you reach your goals. Body Composition Analysis is a non-invasive validated evaluation that is quick and painless and allows for accurate results as a baseline for weight loss and for follow up.

Easy to read, one page analysis that informs you on where your health stands.

Body Fat % :

Obtain your exact body fat % to know what steps to take for your weight loss journey.

Muscle Mass % :

Being able to maintain and build muscle in your body is a crucial part of a healthy lifestyle, to preserve healthy bone density,  and cut the risk of injury. Your body accounts for 60%-75% of calories burned from resting energy expenditure. This means the more you will exercise, the more calories you will burn off.

Visceral Fat :

This fat comes directly from your abdominal area, it is known as “deep fat” or belly fat. This fat surrounds your major organs including the liver, pancreas, and kidneys. Having this fat, you can be at risk of chronic diseases, including heart disease, high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, and more.

Fluid Levels :

Help monitor your fluid levels to prevent imbalances. Your body works hard to keep the total amount of water levels in balance. When you give your body sodium, your levels become unbalanced, making you drink more water and having an increase of intake of fluid.

body composition results of examination