Labiaplasty Cost in Los Angeles

Labiaplasty in Los Angeles, California, and other areas is not a one-size-fits-all procedure, so it has no singular, fixed cost. Rather, labiaplasty can take many different forms and involve several different factors, all of which can affect the final labiaplasty cost.


Labiaplasty Procedure Techniques

One factor affecting the labiaplasty cost in Los Angeles or California is the particular technique or techniques the plastic surgeon applies. Labiaplasty comprises several different procedures, each with its own unique methods and uses.


Commonly associated with reduction mammoplasty in breast tissue, when applied to the labia, this technique involves removing the epithelial layer of tissue through superficial incisions.

Direct Excision

Direct excision or trimming involves trimming the labia’s redundant edge.

Wedge Resection

A newer alternative to trim labiaplasty is wedge resection. Dr. Tahery removes a V-shaped section of tissue from both sides of the labia, then stitches back together with the remaining edges. There are many types of wedge resection depending on the part of the labia on which the surgery is performed, including:

  • Central wedge resection
  • Inferior wedge resection
  • Extended wedge resection
  • Posterior wedge resection

Further alternatives include W-shaped resection and Z-plasty, in which Dr. Tahery removes larger portions of skin while preserving its contour and avoiding causing contractures, or inelastic, fibrous skin replacing normal, elastic skin.

Composite reduction

In this technique, Dr. Tahery creates individual labial segments in order to more optimally reduce and shape the labia. It may include excising part of the labia and extending an incision to reposition or remove part of the clitoris.


Part of Labia

Another key factor in the labiaplasty cost or pricing is the extent of the surgery being performed. This is primarily affected by the particular part of the labia on which the plastic surgeon operates.

Labia Majora

These are the outer lips of the labia. Surgery performed on this part of the labia alone tends to be less extensive and, therefore, less expensive.

Labia Minora

These are the inner lips of the labia. As they are more delicate, surgery on them is more extensive and, therefore, tends to cost more.

Another factor affecting the extent of the surgery and, consequently, its cost, is whether the surgeon must also work on the clitoral hood, such as to rejuvenate it, reduce its size, or correct asymmetry.


Other Factors

Also influencing the labiaplasty cost in Los Angeles and California are common factors related to most, if not all, surgeries, such as the location you select to perform the procedure and the type and degree of anesthesia administered. Dr. Tahery is able to manage these costs by using his surgical center designed for gynecological procedures and using effective local and regional anesthetic instead of general anesthesia as much as possible. 


Labiaplasty in Los Angeles

There are some crucial tips for planning a successful, life-enriching labiaplasty in Los Angeles. A consultation with an experienced doctor provides an important starting point. With labiaplasty procedures ranging from minimally invasive to invasive, it’s important to discuss your goals, expectations, preferences, and concerns with your care provider when selecting the procedure that is ideal for you.

Patient knowledge is one of the most important factors in creating a positive experience that provides you with the results you’re expecting. Feeling confident about your decision to undergo labiaplasty surgery starts with having the right type of conversation in the consultation phase. Some questions patients should ask prior to choosing a labiaplasty option include:

  • How long will healing take for each available procedure?
  • How do I prepare for surgery? Will I need to make lifestyle changes leading up to the procedure?
  • How soon can I return to work?
  • Will this procedure affect fertility or childbirth?
  • Will this procedure interfere with any medications I’m taking?
  • How will this procedure affect my intimate life?
  • Are labiaplasty results permanent?
  • Does a labiaplasty leave scarring?
  • Are there any additional procedures that can enhance the results of labiaplasty?

Always discuss any previous medical complications or illnesses that could impact the success of your labiaplasty procedure during your consultation. One of the big topics on the mind of every patient when planning a labiaplasty in Los Angeles is the recovery period. How long does it take to recover from labiaplasty?

Like all surgery procedures, labiaplasty requires recovery and downtime to ensure proper healing. The exact amount of time required per patient varies based on the intensity of the labiaplasty performed. However, most labiaplasty patients can expect to resume normal daily activities within two to four weeks following surgery. The first two to three days are the most crucial for recovery. During this period, patients are told to avoid physical activity, walking, exercise, and intimacy.

Patients also want to know if labiaplasty is painful. Labiaplasty surgery is performed using anesthesia. While recovery is generally very comfortable, most patients can expect to feel mild pain and discomfort after surgery. Instructions for how to reduce pain, clean the surgical area properly, use elevation techniques to reduce discomfort, wear the right clothing, and more will be shared before a patient is discharged for recovery.

Additionally, patients often combine labiaplasty with other cosmetic surgical procedures, such as vaginal tightening, clitoral hood reduction, and vaginal rejuvenation procedures. Any additional procedures performed along with labiaplasty will increase its cost. Dr. Michael Tahery performs labiaplasty surgeries from two convenient locations that welcome patients from areas such as Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, Pasadena, Burbank, Noth Hollywood, Santa Monica, South Los Angeles, and even Orange County.