Urge incontinence is the sudden desire to urinate. This is as the result of the bladder muscle contracting and squeezing the urine out. The desire to urinate is usually accompanied by a loss of urine.

Patients with urge incontinence usually complain of urinary frequency and urgency, feeling of incomplete bladder emptying, nighttime voiding, having to urinate more than 8 times per day, loss of urine with climax, and always feeling a full bladder even though recently voided.

Other possible conditions with similar symptoms to urge incontinence are bladder cancer, kidney or bladder stone, infection, and other nerve or brain injury. In the course of a workup, these other conditions are checked and ruled out.

A good history and physical exam are essential in evaluating patients with this condition. Neurological evaluation is also important in identifying etiology. Testing can include urodynamic testing, cystoscopy, CT scan of the kidneys, and pelvic ultrasound.

Many effective treatment options are available for these conditions. Addressing and treating the causative agent is the most effective treatment option. Pelvic exercise and diet modification have shown to help. Safe and effective medications work in some patients, Botox injection and placement of a pacemaker for the bladder is also helpful in controlling symptoms.

As a urogynecologist Dr. Tahery is an expert in treating patients with urinary disorders.