G Spot Injection in Los Angeles

G spot injection in Los Angeles

 The G Spot injection, colloquially known as the G-Shot, is a treatment that can help women experience greater vaginal sensitivity. Dr. Tahery offers the G Spot injection in Los Angeles for women experiencing difficulty reaching sexual climax. It may provide temporary enhancements in arousal, self-confidence, and overall sexual health.

This innovative treatment is an elective procedure that’s aimed at improving a woman’s vaginal orgasm response. The injection utilizes hyaluronic acid or collagen fillers to engorge the Gräfenberg spot.

The Gräfenberg spot, or G spot for short, is a small bean-shaped area on the anterior vaginal wall. In most women, it’s an erogenous zone that’s responsible for sexual stimulation. However, some women experience decreased sensitivity or no response whatsoever.

The G spot injection in Los Angeles may provide increased sensitivity for up to six months.

The injection engorges the G spot to about the size of a quarter. It also thickens it, resulting in lower projection into the vagina. The increased size may make the G spot more receptive to stimulation, while the adjusted positioning makes it more accessible during sex and self-stimulation.


Who is a Candidate for the G Spot Injection?

Dr. Tahery can administer the G spot injection in Los Angeles to a wide range of women. Ideal candidates are women who are experiencing a decline in vaginal sensitivity. Those who have never experienced a vaginal orgasm may benefit from the injection as well.

It is not for those with psychosexual dysfunctions. Instead, the injection focuses on women who are physically unable to achieve orgasm.

A lack of sensitivity can be a product of many factors. But in most cases, the culprit is hormonal imbalances. Lower estrogen levels during menopause or post-partum recovery can interfere with sexual function. Many women report that the prevalence of the G spot decreases with age. Dryness and thinning of the vaginal walls can make it difficult for women to experience sensations. Genetics can also be a factor.

The injection will not solve hormonal issues. But, it can provide a temporary sensitivity boost that lasts four to six months.

While not life-threatening, G spot sensitivity issues can help women reclaim their sexual health and confidence.

The G spot injection in Los Angeles is a quick and non-invasive procedure. After a consultation and examination, Dr. Tahery will administer a local numbing agent before injecting the filler. Most women can resume sexual activity four hours after the injection.