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Vaginal prolapse can cause significant mental, emotional, and physical impediments to a happy sex life. Impaired sexual confidence as a result of the change in the appearance of the vaginal organ has been studied extensively. Women report embarrassment as to the appearance of the vagina which inhibits relaxation and enjoyment during intimacy.

Also complaint of vaginal looseness and weakness prevents effective stimulation of the clitoral and vaginal tissue during intercourse and reduced pleasure sensation.

Concern also about the partner’s satisfaction during intercourse due to that lack of adequate tightness also may prevent some women from participating comfortably.

Pelvic floor therapy and exercises, hormonal treatment, minimally invasive surgical techniques designed by Dr. Tahery can help return the confidence and satisfaction with sexual intimacy.

Vaginal Prolapse Treatment

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Cystocele Repair

Cystocele repair is the reattachment of the bladder and the upper vaginal wall to the appropriate suspending structures in the pelvic floor. Women with this condition complain of a protruding bulge, incontinence, or difficulty emptying the bladder.

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Rectocele Repair

Rectocele repair is the repair of the muscular and connective tissue layers in the posterior wall of the vagina separating the rectum and the vagina. Women with this condition complain of pain with intercourse, protruding bulge and difficulty emptying their bowels.

Uterine Prolapse treatment procedure in los angeles and glendale

Uterine Prolapse

During labor, tearing and stretching of the uterine support structures causes the uterus to prolapse or fall into and at times be seen through the vaginal opening.

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Vaginal Prolapse

Vaginal prolapse is tearing of the attachments of the vagina after a hysterectomy and prolapse of the apex of the vagina through the vaginal opening.

Case Study

Patient is a 75 year old female with progressive loss of pelvic support and the pictures show a complete loss of support for the uterus, bladder and the bowel. This is called a complete procedentia, the end stage prolapse of all pelvic organs.  The patient also had stress urinary incontinence.

This patient underwent a vaginal hysterectomy, suspension of the vaginal cuff and repair of the bladder and the posterior wall of the vagina as well as a sling operation for incontinence. The final picture is the completion of the operation. There was minimal blood loss and the patient recovered postoperatively very well and was discharged home the next day.

Before and After Prolapse Treatment