vaginal hysterectomy los angeles glendale

Vaginal Hysterectomy Procedure in Glendale & West Los Angeles

Vaginal hysterectomy, or natural orifice hysterectomy is an art that is practiced less and less because the skills necessary to perform this procedure require extensive training and surgical skill. Dr. Tahery, as a urogynecologist and advanced minimally invasive surgeon, is one of the few and most experienced surgeons in this technique having removed vaginally tumors of the uterus as large as one kilogram.  

This procedure is performed through the vaginal opening without any incisions in the abdomen. In expert hands, this procedure has the least side effects, fastest recovery, and best cosmetic outcome. It is also the most cost efficient form of hysterectomy. The majority of patients undergoing this procedure may be discharged home within 24 hrs.