Genital Bleaching in Los Angeles

genital bleaching in Los Angeles

Genital bleaching is a simple cosmetic procedure that involves lightening the skin around intimate areas. Dr. Tahery can use various methods to target darkened skin, including topical creams, peels, and lasers, to provide a more uniform tone. Also referred to as intimate bleaching, it’s a straightforward process that usually requires no downtime or detailed preparation, but the results can significantly impact your self-confidence.

Types of Genital Bleaching

There are a couple of different types of procedures for genital bleaching in Los Angeles. These forms of bleaching use similar techniques but target distinct treatment areas.

Vaginal Bleaching

Vaginal bleaching is one of the more popular treatment options available. With this type of genital bleaching in Los Angeles, the goal is to lighten darker skin on the vulva and inner thighs. It has nothing to do with the vaginal canal. Lightening occurs on the tissue of the vulva only.

Melanin production can increase during puberty, pregnancy, and menopause can lead to noticeable differences in color. Weight gain and continual friction may also result in hyperpigmentation.

Bleaching provides a more attractive pink flesh tone while creating a more even color. Dr. Tahery will assess the tissue and discuss your needs in detail. From there, he’ll determine the right course of action and help you obtain the results you’re looking to achieve.

Anal Bleaching

In Los Angeles, anal bleaching is becoming more common. It’s a semi-permanent procedure that focuses on the skin around the anus. The area around the anal sphincter is usually high in melanin deposits and pigment-producing cells, called melanocytes. As a result, the skin can look significantly darker regardless of the surrounding skin tone.

This type of genital bleaching in Los Angeles can also address hyperpigmentation spots from boils, acne scars, and other related issues.

Like the previous procedure, this type of genital bleaching produces a more attractive flesh tone and creates a less noticeable transition in color. There are a few techniques for anal bleaching, and Dr. Tahery will help determine which is right for you.

Benefits of Intimate Bleaching

Women choose to get genital bleaching in Los Angeles for many reasons. It’s purely cosmetic, and there are no medical benefits to gain. However, it can do wonders to improve your confidence.

The goal of bleaching is to address aesthetic issues that might become a source of self-conscious thinking. While few women talk about it openly, hyperpigmentation and uneven skin tone can create genuine self-esteem issues in the bedroom. In some cases, those pigmentation problems are visible when wearing lingerie or bikinis, forcing some women to go to extremes to hide it.

Genital bleaching is a safe and effective way to address these unique issues. Instead of resorting to dangerous DIY methods, you can let Dr. Tahery provide the desired results without the dangers of self-treatment.

Genital Bleaching FAQ

Does Bleaching Work on All Types of Skin?

Contrary to popular belief, bleaching isn’t exclusive to a single skin tone. Older methods of bleaching presented problems for those with darker skin. But that’s not the case today.

Because Dr. Tahery uses multiple techniques for genital bleaching in Los Angeles, it can work on all skin types. Darker pigmentation may require more treatments or robust lightening solutions, but the procedure can provide the desired results regardless of skin tone.


Does Bleaching Hurt?

Whether or not bleaching hurts depends entirely on your sensitivities. Naturally, the vagina and anus are sensitive areas.  Most procedures will result in minimal discomfort if any. 

That discomfort may continue for a day or two as the skin recovers. Luckily, those issues are minor and are manageable for most women. Dr. Tahery will discuss these matters with you closely, ensuring you know what to expect during the bleaching and recovery.


How Many Bleaching Treatments Do I Need?

In most cases, women need between three and six genital bleaching sessions. These sessions are short, usually lasting no more than an hour. However, you will likely require several repeat sessions every few weeks.

Bleaching takes time. It’s a gradual process that provides continued results with every session. How many you’ll need depends on how pigmented the skin is. Those dealing with significant hyperpigmentation may require even more than six sessions. It varies wildly on your needs.

If you choose to do anal bleaching, touchups are also necessary. Genital bleaching in this area is semi-permanent, and pigmentation will return even after several lightening sessions. Most women will need touch ups every six months to a year to maintain results.

If you’re looking to get genital bleaching in Los Angeles, reach out to the offices of Dr. Michael Tahery today. Dr. Tahery is a urogynecologist with more than two decades of experience providing cosmetic and medical procedures to women in Los Angeles and the surrounding areas. Contact us today to schedule your consultation.