Postpartum hair loss

I just had my baby and now I’m going bald. What can I do?

Don’t panic. It will grow back. Many women enjoy the thick, full hair they get during pregnancy and are shocked by the sudden loss of hair after they give birth. The good news and the bad news is that neither is permanent. The high hormone levels during pregnancy stimulate the hair follicles. In turn, approximately 15% of hair that is usually destined to fall or in the resting stage of the hair cycle will continue to grow.

After delivery, the sudden decrease in hormone levels causes a decrease in the numbers of hair in the growth phase and results in hair loss. With the resumption of hormone production by the ovaries within 6-12 months postpartum, your hair should regrow back to its original fullness.

In severe cases, using birth control pills or natural hormonal products helps reduce hair loss. However, time should resolve the problem.

In regards to postpartum hair loss, a hairdresser may be more helpful than your physician.