Female Sexual Arousal Disorder Symptoms and Treatments

Female sexual arousal disorder (FSIAD) occurs when your body isn’t responding to sexual stimulation. However, the experience can be different for each woman. While some women with FSIAD experience symptoms every time they try to engage in sexual activity, others may have more …

Sex After Menopause | What Should You Know?

Menopause can have a profound impact on sex drive and sexual health. For many women, desire and enjoyability nosedive leading up to, during, and after menopause. A lack of information regarding hormonal changes can leave women in the dark about their options. Quality, enjoyable sex after menopause is possible …

What is the G spot injection

While once a taboo topic, women’s sexual health is more widespread than ever. Many procedures exist to improve a woman’s self-esteem and libido. From vaginal tightening to full vaginal rejuvenation, these treatments allow women to take the reins on their sexual health and experience positive change. One treatment that’s growing in ……..

Patient Suffers from Chronic Pain with Sex

Anna had stopped by my office today for a six month follow up. Anna is a 25 year old woman who complained of chronic pain with sex a year ago. Anna lives in Texas and had come to see me because she did not feel that the physicians she had seen for this problem in Texas were able to help her with her……..

Hormonal Contraceptives and Decreased Sex Drive

Many women on hormonal contraceptives complain of decreased sex drive and vaginal dryness. In fact a recent study shows that 1 in 5 women reported lack of interest in sex after 6 months on the contraceptives. Hormonal birth controls such as pills, ……..