Which Vaginal Rejuvenation Procedure Do I need

Vaginal rejuvenation is an umbrella term used to describe several unique procedures. The vagina is a complex organ and will continue to change through puberty, pregnancy, and menopause. As you age, the vagina can experience several issues.

Investing in a vaginal rejuvenation procedure is a fantastic way to address those unwanted changes, reclaim your sexual health, and boost your self-confidence. But there’s one question you need to ask:

Which vaginal rejuvenation procedure is for you?

Here are a few common issues and the solutions Dr. Tahery can provide to solve them.


Uncomfortable or Insecure in Certain Clothing?

Many women experience discomfort wearing tight-fitting clothing due to the shape and size of the labia. Excess tissue can be a point of insecurity. Depending on the extent of the issue, the tissue might protrude. In some cases, women experience labial hypertrophy, creating noticeable asymmetry, discomfort during sex, and various other problems.

If that’s something you’re dealing with, labiaplasty might be for you. This vaginal rejuvenation procedure reshapes and reduces the vaginal lips. There are many approaches to labiaplasty. Dr. Tahery can perform several techniques, including laser labiaplasty, to address your unique needs.

Labiaplasty can be a life-changing procedure that addresses discomfort, improves the look of specific types of clothing, and significantly improves your self-confidence.


Does It Feel “Loose” Down There?

The vagina is an incredibly resilient part of your body. But major life events, such as childbirth,  and aging can make it lose its elasticity. While there are many myths and misconceptions about vaginal looseness, it’s most often a result of medical issues. Trauma from a vaginal birth, pelvic floor conditions, and menopause are all common causes of that loose feeling.

Luckily, vaginal tightening is an available solution. It’s a reconstructive vaginal rejuvenation procedure that addresses stretched tissue and weak pelvic floor muscles. The exact surgical techniques used will vary based on your needs. After a thorough examination, Dr. Tahery will develop the right approach to experience improved aesthetics, better sexual sensation, reduced dryness, and more.

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Damaged Area Between the Vagina and Anus?

Vaginal childbirth can be a beautiful thing. But for many women, it can cause severe damage and discomfort. Obstetric tears are a common injury women face during childbirth.

When the vagina is overstretched during delivery, the result can be a partial or complete perineal tear. The perineum is the area between the anus and vaginal opening. While it looks simple, the perineum contains vital muscles and connective tissues that support the vagina.

Tears can cause vaginal looseness, frequent infections, discharge, unwanted pressure, bowel issues, and other related issues.

Dr. Tahery can perform a perineoplasty to address a torn perineum. This vaginal rejuvenation procedure repairs the muscles and tissue, resulting in better aesthetics and improved function.


Looser and Thinner Labia Majora?

If you’re experiencing thin vaginal lips, you’re not alone. Hormonal changes during pregnancy or menopause can cause the labia majora, or outer lips of the vulva, to become thin and loose.

Aesthetically, thin outer lips can cause the labia minora, or inner lips, to be more visible. It also causes laxity issues and sagging tissue.

Thinner lips reduce the cushioning effect of the lips, leading to pain during intercourse. Even physical activities like riding a bike, or horse, and sex can become a pain.

Labia puffing is an easy solution to these problems. The procedure engorges the tissue using injectable fillers or fat grafts. It’s a simple vaginal Rejuvenation procedure that can provide a more youthful appearance and more comfort.

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Torn Hymen?

The hymen is a thin membrane that surrounds the vaginal opening. The hymen is another sorely misunderstood part of the vagina. The tissue can vary in thickness and sensitivity. For some women, it’s thin and easily torn with light manipulation. But for others, it’s thick enough to remain intact even with penetrative intercourse.

Whatever the case, there are several reasons you might want to undergo a hymenoplasty. This procedure restores the hymen, addressing cultural, religious, or psychological needs.


Hyperpigmentation of Intimate Areas?

Are you dealing with hyperpigmentation and darker skin around the vagina or anus? Pigmentation is relatively common in intimate areas. Melanin and pigment-producing melanocytes can accumulate due to hormonal changes. Friction and scars from skin issues can cause noticeable color variation, too.

While not a medical issue, darkened skin can make many women self-conscious. If you fall into that category, genital bleaching might be for you.

This vaginal rejuvenation procedure uses topical treatments, chemical peels, or lasers to lighten the skin. With multiple lightening sessions, you can achieve a more attractive pink flesh tone and even pigmentation in intimate areas.

Those are just a handful of rejuvenating procedures that can transform your vagina. Whether you’re looking to achieve a more youthful appearance, address pain, or achieve better sexual gratification, these solutions can make it happen.

Reach out to the offices of Dr. Michael Tahery to learn more. Dr. Tahery has over two decades of experience performing these procedures and more. He’s ready to discuss your needs and help determine which vaginal rejuvenation procedure suits you. Call to schedule a consultation today!