Prevention of Stretch Marks During Pregnancy

My belly looks like a road map. What is going on?

As the baby grows, so does the uterus carrying the baby. This growth stretches the skin over the enlarging uterus. Stretch marks are the red and brown streaks which eventually turn white, and sometimes itchy, that appear on or around your belly. They are a representation of the damage the skin has sustained during pregnancy.

The weight gains that women experience during pregnancy, and increased fat that develops in the tissue under the skin, weakens the skin and causes it to crack as it is stretched. Some women also have a genetic predisposition to stretch marks. If your mother has stretch marks, you are most likely at a higher risk to have them as well.

Currently, there are no effective treatments for stretch marks. However, prevention of stretch marks  is always possible through a careful diet. We have designed a diet program that is healthy for the baby and the mother and also helps reduce the chances of stretch marks from developing. We also recommend exercise programs to keep moms healthy and keep their skin healthy.

The best treatment is prevention, and it is certainly true for stretch marks.