treating vaginal infections los angeles glendale

Vaginal infections are one of the most common conditions women complain about. They present as abnormal odor, itching, and discharge. They show up as recurrent urinary tract infections, pain with intercourse, and persistent and chronic irritations inside and outside of the vagina.

As physicians the first impulse is to treat with antibiotics or antifungals, even before we have determined what is the offending organism.

This is always a bad idea. Antibiotics and antifungals result in reduction of good bacteria and other organisms responsible for maintaining a healthy vaginal environment. These good bacteria are usually the first to go once a person is treated with antibiotics or antifungals. The absence of good bacteria then results in recurrent colonization of the vagina with multiple organisms from rectum, skin, a sexual partner or yeast.

The most successful course of treatment in my practice is to create an vaginal environment hospitable to good bacteria and resistant to organisms that do not belong there. I use tested and proven natural products such as boric acid and special probiotics that we compound in our office, to enhance the vaginal health and return the good bacterial environment. This strategy has been effective in treating women with recurrent vaginal  infections and urinary tract infections, bladder irritative symptoms, pain with intercourse, recurrent abnormal odor and irritation and many other.

Many studies show ⅘ over the counter supplements and compounds do not contain products advertised on the bottle and ¼ of these may be contaminated with lead or mercury. There is no FDA supervision of these products and even the companies manufacturing these products are unsure of the source of their ingredients. Also probiotics are fragile and depending on the production, transport, and storage conditions may lose their activity.

For these reasons, I do not recommend over the counter or online products.

My staff and I take all precautions to produce, store, and deliver the most effective and safe supplements for your needs.  Please ask us about our products.

My advice if you have vaginal or bladder infection symptoms: 1)do not get treated without getting checked. 2)culture if symptoms are strong, prolonged, or recurrent to determine what organism is responsible and what the status of the vaginal environment is. 3)avoid antibiotics and anti fungal medications if possible. 4)use natural products that you know are safe and effective not just advertised as so.