Labiaplasty and Pregnancy | What You Should Know

Labiaplasty procedures are becoming increasingly popular in the United States and beyond. It’s not hard to see why. This cosmetic surgery can address issues, provide more comfort, and help women regain their sexual confidence.

Despite the more open discussions surrounding women’s sexual health, procedures like labiaplasty still come with many questions. One of the most common concerns regarding labiaplasty is its effects on pregnancy and giving birth. Is it better to get a labiaplasty before or after pregnancy? The right choice for you depends entirely on your needs and goals.


Labiaplasty Before Pregnancy

Interest in labiaplasty timing is reasonable considering how it affects the vagina. Labiaplasty is typically an elective procedure that seeks to correct cosmetic concerns involving the vaginal lips. For most women, it addresses inconsistent sizing, excess skin, and discomfort among other issues.

Vaginal aesthetics is a nuanced topic, so details of the procedure depend entirely on your needs. While mostly about appearance, many women also experience functional benefits like reduced pain during sexual intercourse and more comfort when wearing tight-fitting clothing.

No matter your goals for labiaplasty, there’s no denying that the procedure results in physical changes to the tissue. But does it affect pregnancy?

You’ll be happy to know that labiaplasty doesn’t present any inherent risk for women who want to get pregnant in the future. It does not stop you from conceiving or giving birth.

The vagina is resilient and adaptable. After a surgical procedure like labiaplasty, the essential functions of the vagina remain intact. As a result, it’s perfectly safe to get labiaplasty before pregnancy. In fact, many women can benefit from the procedure.

Cases of labial hypertrophy and enlarged tissue can be painful for many women. The discomfort can lead to issues during intercourse. Pair that with the impact on one’s self-esteem, and aesthetic issues could negatively influence your sexual health.=

In those cases, labiaplasty before pregnancy is worth considering. There’s no simple answer to whether you should wait to start a family or not. However, choosing to get labiaplasty before pregnancy will not affect your ability to conceive or give birth in the future.

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Labiaplasty After Pregnancy

Generally, surgeons will encourage women to get labiaplasty after pregnancy. There are a couple of reasons for this.

First, your labia minora and labia majora could change during pregnancy. Every woman’s body responds differently to the biological processes that occur during the miracle of life. However, many experience significant labial growth. It occurs mostly during the final stages of gestation when the body experiences a flood of hormonal changes. While labial swelling can reduce a bit, it can also be permanent.

If you get a labiaplasty before pregnancy, the results could change after giving birth and essentially reverse the work. For this reason alone, many women choose to seek further treatment to address those additional cosmetic changes.

Another benefit of waiting to get labiaplasty after pregnancy is that you can pair it with other surgeries. Vaginal delivery can damage the bladder and the rectal walls in the vagina and can be repaired at the same time as a labiaplasty. 

Many women choose to get labiaplasty in conjunction with perineoplasty. Perineoplasty addresses obstetric tears between the vagina and anus. The procedure repairs the tissue to restore anatomy and normal function. Perineoplasty restores the appearance of the opening of the vagina as well as vaginal tightness during intercourse.

In addition to perineoplasty, you can pair labiaplasty with vaginal tightening. Some surgeons can include labiaplasty as part of a more comprehensive “Mommy Makeover” package as well..

The exact timing will vary. However, women usually have to recover three to six months after giving birth before considering a labiaplasty or any other vaginal repair.

There’s no right or wrong choice as to whether you should get labiaplasty after pregnancy or before. The procedure does not affect your ability to get pregnant whatsoever. So if you’re experiencing significant discomfort or self-consciousness, it may benefit you now.

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