Environmental Toxins and and Weight Gain

You are dieting, exercising regularly, doing your best to stay healthy and fit and lose some weight but it’s not working. Why you ask? It may be the toxins in your food and environment that you are exposed to that are working against you.

Biphenol A is a known and banned toxin that has been used in making plastic for many of the most common products such as water bottles and baby milk bottles. A similar compound that is currently being used Biphenol S has also been implicated in disrupting the normal hormonal function in both men and women.

Recent findings have also shown Biphenol S to have an estrogenic effect on the fat cells. This toxin promotes fat cell maturation and proliferation. This effect on the fat cells contributes to obesity and difficulty in weight loss. The effect of Biphenol A and S on the body is cumulative.

As always, it is best to avoid water from a plastic container, avoid direct heat on plastic containers since heat increases the leaching of the toxin into the water, avoid canned food and always select fresh and unprocessed foods.