Compounded Testosterone Cream

Testosterone is an essential hormone in a woman’s body. It is commonly known as a male hormone because men need a higher level of testosterone in their bodies. It peaks in women at the age of 20 and declines in perimenopausal years. They drop to their lowest levels during menopause as the ovaries cease to function.

Low levels of testosterone may be responsible for a decreased desire for sex, decreased satisfaction with sexual relations, decreased metabolism and mid body weight gain, as well as weak muscle tone and fatigue. Women using testosterone may benefit from increased desire and satisfaction with sex, including an increased sex drive. Testosterone also helps increase muscle tone and bone health. It can increase metabolism and mid line weight loss. It has also been helpful in helping women with fatigue issues, helping regain vitality and energy.

Some women are concerned about increased body or facial hair growth, or scalp hair loss, as well as problems with thickening of the voice. However, these conditions are unlikely if the hormone levels are regulated in the range that is normal for women. We use compounded testosterone cream that is prepared just for your body’s needs. It is in the form of a cream that is applied to the skin at night.

Creams are absorbed through the skin and do not involve the liver. Therefore, it does not increase cholesterol and is not expected to increase the risk of blood clots, which is of significant concern with other types of hormone preparation. All compounded hormones that we dispense are prepared by expert pharmacists in our office and the dosage is regulated within very strict standards to deliver the maximum benefit to your body. Dr. Tahery has been prescribing compounded hormones for women for more than 20 years and is known as an expert in menopause and hormone therapy for women of all ages.