painful penetration during intercourse treatment los angeles glendale

Vulvodynia and vaginismus are two conditions that cause painful vaginal penetration.

Vulvodynia is hypersensitivity of the vulvar tissue to touch and vaginismus is the painful spasm of vaginal muscles during manipulation or penetration of the vagina.

Treatment of each condition requires first and foremost the proper diagnosis and the source of the pain has to be identified and treated. Many times an incorrect diagnosis results in years of pain and reduced quality of life.  

As a pelvic surgeon and uro-gynecologist, Dr. Tahery has special understanding and expertise in identifying and treating women with painful penetration due to vulvodynia or vaginismus and has had significant success using surgical, medical, and therapeutic options to improve pain and restore normal sexual function.

Pain with penetration is not a normal condition as many believe and treatment is essential to avoid chronic sexual dysfunction.

If you suffer from painful penetration during intercourse we are here to help.