How Much Does Vaginoplasty Cost

Vaginoplasty procedures are more popular than ever. Thousands of women across the country elect to get this surgery for a variety of reasons. It’s a form of reconstructive and cosmetic surgery that can repair the pelvic floor and walls of the vagina. This procedure can help women address vaginal injuries after childbirth, tighten the vaginal canal to restore sensation during sexual intercourse, and more.

Like any other surgical procedure, vaginoplasty is complex. Every woman’s needs are different, and Dr. Michael Tahery a skilled urogynecologist and expert in cosmetic vaginal surgery will work with women to achieve their distinct goals. But there’s one common question that many women wonder: How much does vaginoplasty cost?


How is the Vaginoplasty Cost Calculated?

The total cost of this procedure can vary based on numerous factors. Typically, the procedure costs anywhere between $4,000 and $20,000. However, no two surgeries are the same. Every woman’s needs are unique, and surgeons develop plans after a full examination and discussion.

Here are a few considerations that will impact how much you can expect to pay for vaginoplasty.


Number of Procedures

Another factor that will impact the total vaginoplasty cost is the number of procedures performed. Vaginoplasty involves repairing the pelvic floor and vaginal walls. How surgeons approach those repairs depends on the extent of previous vaginal injuries. The type of repairs involved are often different for every woman.

Simpler repairs and vaginal canal tightening will come with lower costs. Surgeons evaluate injuries to identify the weakness in each vaginal wall and determine what techniques will provide the desired results. In many cases, surgeons must repair more than just superficial layers. They often have to repair deeper connective tissues and muscular layers.

More complex repairs can come with higher costs. Furthermore, complicated vaginal surgery may require IV sedation versus the local anesthesia used for more straightforward procedures. Therefore, you may incur additional fees to bring in an anesthesiologist.

Dr. Michael Tahery can also combine vaginoplasty with additional procedures. Many women opt to address multiple issues during one procedure to minimize downtime. For example, surgeons can combine vaginoplasty with labiaplasty or clitoral hood reduction for a full vaginal makeover.

If your goals involve those additional surgeries, your total vaginoplasty cost can increase significantly.


Experience of Doctor

Finally, you must consider the doctor’s experience performing the surgery. The surgeon’s experience is priceless, especially with vaginal surgery. You want to work with an expert in urogynecology and vaginal cosmetic surgery. Not only can they help you get the results you’re after, but they can also do so safely and efficiently. Dr. Michael Tahery has performed hundreds of vaginal and cosmetic procedures and you can be assured you will be in good hands. 

While considerable expertise can raise the total vaginoplasty cost, it’s one area where you don’t want to skimp.


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Is the Vaginoplasty Cost Covered by Insurance?

Traditionally, vaginoplasty is not a procedure that insurance policies will cover. However, there are some exceptions. This surgery can fall under the umbrella of cosmetic and reconstructive. It all depends on your unique needs and situation.

When the primary goals are to improve tightness, aesthetic appearance, and sexual sensation, vaginoplasty is more of a cosmetic procedure. But suppose you’re considering this procedure to correct injuries and trauma after childbirth, to treat urinary incontinence, or to address other medical concerns. In that case, your doctor may consider it medically necessary. This procedure can also be combined with other medically necessary conditions like urinary incontinence which is covered by most insurance companies. The cost of the cosmetic procedures may be an additional charge depending on your coverage. 

Insurance is a complex matter, so it’s important to consult your doctor and insurance company for more guidance.

Vaginoplasty costs can vary, but many women will tell you those expenses are well worth the outcome. If you want to learn more and explore your options, consult Dr. Tahery. Dr. Michael Tahery is well-versed in vaginoplasty procedures and is an expert in cosmetic vaginal surgery. As a board-certified OB/GYN and one of the most active gynecological and urogynecological surgeons in Los Angeles, Dr. Tahery has the know-how to help women like you achieve the best results possible. Contact our offices today to schedule a consultation and see if vaginoplasty is right for you.