Female Sexual Dysfunction

Take back control of your sex life; mentally, physically and emotionally using proven and effective techniques.

Female Sexual Dysfunction

Sexual dysfunction is any problem interfering with the individual or couples satisfaction during any phase of sexual cycle, from excitement to resolution. Research has found that 43 % of women experience some type of sexual difficulty. It is also a medical condition that most people are reluctant to discuss with their friends, family, doctors, even their partners.

Most cases are treatable or can be improved by early treatment and attention.

Physical Causes in Women Can Include:

  • Hormonal Imbalance

    Hormonal imbalance is one of the most common problems affecting sexual dysfunction. PMS, perimenopause, postmenopause, changes as a result of medications and a number of other hormonal conditions can disrupt each phase of sexual cycle. Close attention to sexual history and special physical and hormonal testing can identify the hormonal imbalance. Once the imbalance is corrected the sexual function can be improved or restored.

  • Fibroids

    Fibroids are in most cases benign tumors of the uterus and can cause pain during intercourse. An ultrasound examination in the office can easily and without pain or discomfort diagnose this problem.

  • Endometriosis

    Endometriosis displacement of the endometrial tissue, such as expelled during menstruation, and implantation inside the body can lead to scar tissue formation and inflammation. This condition, in most cases, cause pain during menstruation as well as intercourse. Multiple diagnostic options are available to diagnose this problem. If you suffer from pain with menstruation that progressively gets worse or persistent pain with intercourse, seriously consider evaluation for this condition.

  • Painful Penetration

    Vulvodynia and vaginismus are two conditions, among many, that cause pain on palpation or penetration of the vulva and vagina. These conditions even though sometimes seem difficult to diagnose and impossible to treat has been Dr. Tahery’s area of special attention and expertise. Dr. Tahery has successfully diagnosed and treated hundreds of women with sexual dysfunction as a result of painful penetration. Our philosophy is that sex should be pleasurable and a source of strength in a relationship, not avoidance, disruption, and conflict.

  • Prolapse

    Prolaspe of the uterus and pelvic organs through the vagina results in pain with penetration and discomfort.

  • Psychological Conditions

    Psychological well-being is essential to a fulfilling sex life. Depression, history of abuse, relationship issues, fear of pain, and many other conditions can inhibit sexual desire and arousal, prevent orgasm, and cause avoidance of intimacy. For effective treatment of sexual dysfunction complicated by psychological factors, we work with therapists with special expertise in sexual health to optimize our treatment plan.


Why it happens?

Psychological and physical issues alone or in combination can be the cause for sexual dysfunction. Sometimes one problem can lead to another and by solving the original problem the subsequent issues disrupting sexual function also is corrected.

Dr. Tahery has spent more than 20 years listening, evaluating, treating, and studying women and couples with sexual dysfunction. Dr. Tahery’s training and experience in Pelvic Surgery and Uro Gynecology is integral to his understanding and success in treating this condition. Involvement of both partners involved in the relationship, even though not essential, enhances significantly the success of these treatments and couples fulfillment. We welcome participation of all willing participants in our treatment efforts.