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OB/GYN refers to Obstetrics and Gynecology. These are two specialties that concentrate on female reproductive health and care for pregnant women and non-pregnant women. Choosing a good and experienced OB/GYN specialist is very important especially for women that plan to have children or have already given birth. As a top OB/GYN in Glendale and West Los Angeles, Dr. Michael Tahery is dedicated to providing the best gynecology and obstetrics care at every stage of each and every patient’s life. Dr. Michael Tahery stresses the importance of preventative care, diagnosis, and treatment of the conditions.

We are a full-service OB/GYN practice dedicated to providing superior up to date care in a warm and friendly environment to the women in the Los Angeles and Glendale area. We have expertise in a number of Women’s health conditions above and beyond the routine care.

We offer specialized care in a high risk pregnancy, infertility, general gynecology, and urogynecology. We offer on-site advanced 3D sonography, urodynamic testing for urinary incontinence, hormonal testing and bioidentical hormone therapy for menopause, PMS, and perimenopausal women, microbiology laboratory for women with chronic vaginal and urinary infections, and in office tubal patency evaluation for women with fertility issues.  

Dr. Tahery is specialized in minimally invasive surgical procedures for endometriosis, fibroids, pelvic pain, and heavy vaginal bleeding. He is also well known for his expertise in treating vaginal prolapse and urinary incontinence issues along with the cosmetic repair of the genitalia.

We listen, evaluate, educate, and individualize each treatment. We use products that help restore the body’s hormonal and bacterial balance and restore health. It is our goal to avoid polluting our body with antibiotics and other medication when possible.

Our practice collaborates with other like-minded health professionals toward this goal. For us, it is not work but a passion to improve lives and provide the most comprehensive and up to date medical care in a warm and caring environment.


Urogynecology is the study of the pelvic structure in a woman and treatment of problems with bladder, sexual organs, and bowel.

Dr.Tahery has been practicing urogynecology for more than 24 years and was one of the first to complete a fellowship in this field. He has been active in training and mentoring many of the physicians now practicing in Los Angeles and Beverly Hills area.

Dr. Tahery has developed techniques for pelvic floor repair using the woman’s healthy tissues to support the damaged and prolapsed pelvic organs without the use of mesh. The majority of these operations are performed as outpatient procedures with a quick recovery and minimal downtime.

A combination of expertise in pelvic anatomy and meticulous surgical skill forms the basis for Dr Tahery’s excellent results in cosmetic gynecology. Labiaplasty, vaginal tightening, hymenoplasty, clitoral hood reduction are all procedures that in most cases do not require general anesthesia and can be performed in an outpatient setting.


You can count on us to be thorough and meticulous even in the routine yearly gynecology exam. We evaluate all gynecologically relevant organs, discuss lifestyle, educate you on how our bodies work, and many times pickup problems you didn’t know could be treated, all in order to improve your health. From abnormal menstrual bleeding, endometriosis, ovarian cysts, fibroids, and infertility we are here to help with the least invasive and comprehensive in-office testing and most natural solutions possible. Dr. Tahery is an expert in minimally invasive surgical treatment of many gynecological conditions. Our goal is to provide gentle treatment and the only evidence of our work should be patient satisfaction.


Anxiety is common among couples having difficulty getting pregnant. A comprehensive and holistic evaluation from specialized ultrasound examinations to evaluate the uterus and the ovaries, testing to evaluate the fallopian tube patency, and hormonal testing is done in our offices. Stress reduction, diet, weight loss, and lifestyle evaluation is emphasized in this process. We are proud to have helped many couples achieve the goal of pregnancy. Sometimes a simple correction can lead to great results and other times patience, medical expertise and persistence is the right solution. In either case, we are here to help.


We treat pregnancy as it should be, a natural condition that requires no meddling only watchful expectation. We see our role as an observer in the greatest miracle, birth. Our role is to advise, consult, and steer the pregnancy to a medically uneventful end. The only hero in the labor room should be the mother and the prize a healthy child.

From 3D ultrasound to genetic counseling and testing, we have the expertise to care for you and your baby all under one roof.


Pelvic Pain

Chronic pelvic pain robs the joy out of life, causes depression, decreased sex drive, leads to disruption of normal life. We will identify the source of the pain, offer effective treatment options and help restore your health. We provide both surgical and non surgical treatment options for a number of conditions that cause pelvic pain.

urinary incontinence treatment los angeles

Urinary Incontinence

Many women after pregnancy complain of loss of urine with activity or urgency and frequency of urination. These women usually limit their activity in fear of urine loss in public or offensive odor. As a Urogynecologist Dr. Tahery is an expert in caring for women with urinary incontinence, whether it’s an overactive bladder, urge, stress or overflow incontinence.

female sexual dysfunction glendale los angeles

Female Sexual Dysfunction

Sexual dysfunction disrupts intimacy of personal relationships and leads to avoidance and isolation. Sexual Dysfunction is a medical condition that can be caused by physical, emotional or mental factors. Even the most complicated conditions can be treated with patience and persistence.

vaginal rejuvenation prolapse surgeon losangeles

Cosmetic Vaginal Rejuvenation & Prolapse

Damage resulting from a vaginal delivery or dissatisfaction with the appearance of the genital organs results in lower self confidence and avoidance of intimacy. Dr Tahery is an expert in treating cosmetic and medical conditions of the pelvic floor and genital organs.

fibroids treatment specialist los angeles glendale

Fibroids Treatment

Fibroids are benign tumors of the reproductive organ that cause pelvic pain, heavy bleeding, infertility and abdominal distention. Treatment options include non surgical, medical and minimally invasive treatment. A doctor will recommend the appropriate treatment after a consultation.

weight management los angeles glendale

Weight Management

Healthy body weight is essential to a person’s vitality, longevity and self confidence. We work with our patients to achieve their desired weight and muscle mass. We provide solutions to a lot of weight issues that most women deal with such as natural weight gain, weight gain caused by menopause or perimenopause.

natural and bioidentical hormone therapy los angeles

Menopause and Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy

Hormonal imbalance in any age can cause disruption of the normal functioning of the mind and body. Dr. Tahery uses plant based hormone therapy in order  restore balance and optimize the mind and body function.

fourth trimester los angeles glendale

Fourth Trimester

There are many concerns mothers face emotionally and physically after childbirth. This time, which is usually one of the happiest moments in ones life, can be full of mental and physical changes that are not always understandable. We can help you deal with these changes.

endometriosis treatment in los angeles and glendale


Endometriosis is a condition that can cause pelvic pain, infertility and heavy periods. It usually affects the outer layer of the uterus but it can also affect cervix, vagina, bladder and vulva. Medical therapy and surgery can be used to alleviate pain and to remove  endometriosis implants.