Fertility Anxiety

Published on Nov 19, 2018


“Why am I not getting pregnant? The first time was so easy.”

How many couples do you know trying to get pregnant and have difficulty? Or have “fertility anxiety”?

On any given day in my practice, I am faced with the seemingly straight forward, yet complex question from women at various stages of their lives; “can I get pregnant?”. Women in their twenties and nervous about their health; those in their thirties worried about the metaphorical clock ticking away; and women in their forties optimistically seeking guidance. Some may have tried a few cycles naturally to get pregnant and others may not be ready yet.

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Postpartum Recovery

Published on Nov 5, 2018

“I feel great. Can I go home?”
“I feel great. Can I exercise?”
“I feel great. Can I go back to work?”
“I feel great. ….”

Frequently, I hear a variation of this sentence from mothers very soon after childbirth. Too frequently, if you ask me.

It is the symptom of our fastpaced life. We have no time to waste on recovery. We hear, “Be strong. Get back to work. All mothers do it.” Work, family, child, and pretty much anyone else comes first. No matter what a mother has gone through mentally, emotionally, and physically, they are expected to bounce back, quickly. Having gone through an amazing bodily transformation, while supporting another human life; to delivery, which is a nature’s wonder that never seizes to amaze me after all these years. To postpartum, trying to heal and go back to the baseline as soon as possible, the “new normal”.

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